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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 5, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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at sponsors to any team that works out or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. windmill new. although welcome to new site it's like a december six and captain comanche into camp. millions of people around the world of remembering and paying tribute to the man who was considered the father of modern south africa nelson mandela has died he was ninety five. known simply as medina. he dedicated his life to the fight against apartheid and went on to become the country's first black president. so the pic
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use. go read out to see what he does someone do the funding president. but open to the nation. this deprives the pasta farm. his footy. in good company all peas from the out islands today is tuesday. on the field. hope to some the team gathering outside and dallas county jail has courage. it's one of many tributes for a seat in south africa and elsewhere in the coming hours and days and i would be in and out of hospital since two thousand and eleven because of recurring a lung infection and other ailments. he's behind his wife six children seventeen grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren literally it is on speaking about and downright what he
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meant to the world. here's some of the us doesn't debacle gonna have to see a short time ago. we've lost for the most influential courageous and profoundly good human beings that many of us will share time with on this earth i'm one of the countless millions who drew inspiration from nelson mandela's life. my very first political action. the first thing i ever did. the ball but the issue or policy or politics. it was a protest against apartheid. but his words and writings. the day he was released from prison gave me a sense of what human beings can do when they are guided by the pope's by their fears. the head of the united nations has also offered words of respect for mandela. saturday geraldton you're calm him and sharing and for justice. daniel rode
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along route one which he introduced by his dissent is strong. when she ran eighteen twenty two and three. gunmen and ally in two thousand and nine the land she said he prays and alan for his lifelong contributions and apartheid. and i reply that it's not only him but hundreds of known and unknown people who also contributed to it and said he was deeply touched and inspired. in the comments has stock in a rather stark with him ever since. winning isn't until his death was reported that the un security council the meeting was adjourned and representatives to attend a moment of silence. japanese prime minister seems ilan they also offered his condolences. ok so he was a great leader he fought with a strong will to end apartheid he also achieved a major success in building the nation. his policies centered on national
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reconciliation. i would like to offer my deepest condolences. heroes statesman freedom fighter and i was many things to many people he spent nearly three decades in prison during the apartheid years after his release inspired south africans and people around the world of rising above the bitterness of the past and working for united future mikayla attorney scott looks back on his life and legacy no sunburns and i'm going to happen and i knew the day keep it. this is for me. buy a whole lot of may. the rest jewel to become one of the most iconic figures on the planet was a long one
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emma was born in nineteen eighteen in a small village in south africa's eastern cape. he became involved in politics while in university he joined the african national congress or a nc and committed himself to the struggle against racial discrimination. his commitment grew stronger. why won't the government finalized its self benefit the policy of the pokey. a classified people by at least in segregated that. eighteen c began a campaign of iranians in the nineteen fifties. montana was a mistake and put on trial for treason in nineteen fifty six he was acquitted but was arrested again on other charges and convicted. she went to prison for why
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the years later on county sad and what charges and sentenced him to lie. mandela became a symbol of resistance behind by. his importance to me. i'm kind of company moved to korea this month. the use of the evening the weekend's action. this is evident to me meant that i didn't. it's been twenty seven years in prison. he used his first cover the nerve to criticize likely you would with a pension payments. it is common on people who work for peace and democracy. with the way he fall. the money while st kilda and sizes. it
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is the south county communities began dismantling the punky college. in nineteen ninety four south africans of all places with a mallet to task. it's been in election for the first the team the country's first black president as. i therefore took a family. it's white domination. i have for it. freddie family arcades at the venetian. i chatted the iata. offer to south africa where all south africans. i get. there are many interesting reading and consultation batting and rank week while the key accompli the contents of the common good. his commitment to
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transform these twenty one team could move them. no negotiated with them president. read twenty third once in power. the seed stitch or at home week it's a crock. he is the cute and ninety five when he meets south africans would it be convenient it is a star. our cross racial audience. to make alice martin didn't go hungry. it is the day. for laying the basis for human rights. didn't have to be a good start. barroso site the county has promised to sue one. five year term as president. instead they are in nineteen nineteen there
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we continue to pray and ask to whom the media seems to settle conflicts in africa efforts to combat aids. he continued to be married people his philosophy. the eu sexy. it all. it is. haiti and to be cheered me to the six years. he was leaning out of hospital. maureen help them to continue beyond the bloom of money to his condition. then when he died he added. in a teepee. as
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the night. all that stands to get. to win. in in. it's time now for the latest in a business news in japanese trade representatives are negotiating a free trade pact with their counterparts from eleven other nations they want to pad to make every single item under the deal free of terence but the japanese towns. i exaggerate this now. this is just cause what's next for these negotiations. there were actually finding out that japan is willing to compromise a bit to her saying that they're going to allow more not all the more items to be on that tariff free list. trade ministers are working against time to seal the trans pacific partnership beach we packed our gear and japanese negotiators have offered to strip taps from about ninety two percent of items i have a meeting this weekend in
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singapore. the negotiators previously insisted on the tariff removal in it in the upper eighty percent range of representatives partner countries demanded more. japanese leaders responded by adding some protected farm in the real products to the deal. leaders and farmers alike are still hoping to protect find the key farm products including rice and wheat. but negotiators from the united states and other countries aim to abolish tariffs on all items. japanese delegates will have their work cut out at the ttp minister hill meeting launching saturday in singapore. global investors are holding out fresh hopes of a sustained us recovery officials have babies improve gdp figures for the july to september quarter. commerce department officials say gross domestic product grew at an annual annualized three point six percent upward from an initial estimate of two point eight percent as the biggest game for almost a
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year and a half. officials cited reasons including the pace of growth in business investment at three point five percent. a buildup in private in minty investment also pushed up gdp growth. housing investment has been a week on the back of morgan's hikes. but officials posted double digit growth of thirteen percent consumer spending was revised downward the crew at an annual pace of one point four percent and officials noted that federal spending dropped by at one point four percent due to the continued effect of budget cuts. and the latest us gdp data renewed speculation that the federal reserve may taper it's on buying program earlier than anticipated that pushed down u s stock prices for fifty in a row. the dow jones industrial average losing four tenths of a percent ending a fifteen thousand eight hundred twenty one one for more on how stocks here are reacting has given me no regard he is at the tokyo stock exchange but
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the telstra mean to one side is actually going to the opening levels and see exactly where we stand here following on from the us market levels that you were just mentioning and a negative start here with both the nikkei and the topics are trading lower in the first twelve minutes of trading the nikkei has actually been down for two straight days of the four of this morning's opening it does look like a battle saying in the financial markets is really playing through the good news is bad news because with the cat out of the us so far this week. it's mostly been pointing to solid economic figures which implies that the federal reserve. he's seeing evidence of a recovery which at some point will not need. will any of those extra monetary stimulus measures and deftly this week we've had ice in manufacturing. i weep at the private sector employment of gdp that you just mentioned as well as jobless claims. of course coming up is the all important non farm payrolls and unemployment data later today so that those are going to be very peak era economic figures also for the federal reserve to be looking at knowledge
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and of course domestic concerns continue over at the papal consumption tax hike in two thousand fourteen up weighing on investors' minds however prime minister she was odd that has repeated his government's stance that on his garden cart growth plans which he really hope so will pull the economy through so some domestic issues to focus on as well by every means the things seen a drop in the dollar where we this morning exactly especially from tuesday's local side the pairing right now. dollar yen hundred and one point eight pc to eighty five. it has talked to as i said compared to hundreds people in thirty seven inches on tuesday investors selling the dollar and concerns about the fact the scaling back its monetary easing programme and also taking profits from the recent dollar's rise against began. now all eyes are going to be on the u s jobs data released later today. euro yen the european central bank on thursday left its benchmark interest rates unchanged during and right
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now two hundred and thirty nine points fifteen to twenty it also slightly upgraded its outlook for growth in the region for two thousand and fourteen however ecb president tom are you trying to express concerns about a prolonged period of low inflation and mention of that policy makers did have a brief discussion on possibly easing measures. so i've been a focus on euro zone as well but for now a bit of a negative start this friday fax you i don't write anything softer than a day for me mary barred from the tokyo stock exchange. and that is the latest from the business team at this hour i'll leave you with a tack on some of the markets the guests. it is. thx
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the united states to respond to its new air defense identification zone over the east china sea. last month chinese defense officials said that all foreign aircraft traveling through the selling must give prior notice and follow orders when facing emergency measures. us vice president joe biden spoke to reporters after meeting chinese leaders choose three students the establishment of new air defense identification zone has to state the obvious cause significant effort into the region aiden also called on china to set up of lines with neighboring countries to avoid unintended consequences foreign ministry spokesperson hallway responded to the poet's about a meeting between biden and chinese president change in
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playing the previous day regarding china's position on the new air defense identification zone it conforms to international law and practice chinese leaders asked us to respect the security zone and take an objective and fair attitude also said the missing corn outcome was that both sides agreed to strengthen dialogue and cooperation to create a new model of bilateral relations. air defense identification selling clothes a group of islands that japan controls and china and taiwan both claims japanese leaders have urged that the ac on the trot. now south korea is considering expanding its air defense identification sound to include its southern islands and an underwater rock in your defense town would overlap the us and japan and china. the three defence mistaking one gene explained the plan that had hired a team meeting on thursday team said the government is considering incorporating
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areas about the southern islands of my advil and bundled into the cell. south korea's airspace over the silence overlapped japan's air defense identification sound can also said an underwater robot called the ordeal in south korea should be included in the revised to sell. china also claims the submerged rock and included it in the air defense identification zone. it declared last month to pack also includes the rock in its air defence sound metropolitan government officials in seoul had issued south korea's first ever safety advisory for harmful air pollutants known as p and two point five. dance month shouted the capital city on thursday morning and worsen throughout the afternoon at four pm local time the average hourly density of pm two point five weeks to ninety three micrograms per cubic meter. this exceeded the city's safety standard of eighty five micrograms of a nanny two hour period. still
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officials urged all kindergartens and schools in the city to suspend the outdoor activities. they also advise the elderly and people with respiratory illnesses to stay in killings while graham asks when going outside seoul began releasing observation data at five pm two point five in october amid growing concerns about the fine particulate matter of writing on weekends from china. it is the only local government in the country to release xd down. cause personal information and going across south korea and malaysia has become a serious problem in western and southern parts of the country especially near the border with china. chantal slums along gulf coast of oman
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floodplain their agents like him as developing their habitat and caused a sea change and baby turtles that paint a prize. i could spawn a chill that the points. oman has a domed coast facing the iraqi and see. you see mini poll is up the pizza and yet death is about money tap. bill was fun making these calls. bottom of the other two toes. they come again and to go home. in a day aches. thousands of bb to toast the ca minutes from the big screen this that that's gold. the photo with the reflecting some nights to deceit. they start their guys is a dangerous that's trying to avoid hungry at that. see
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to do as my traits i knew only from get robbed him go in the ritzy today leading spots. the highly endangered screen to tote is among them oman government to see shows and conservation activists. a mother to toes and a tax free gifts how sweet is to track their movements. you know they have found out that two toes when he owns the arabian peninsula. sometimes as far as india. long has it too when they get to see that in addition to that. among the host. have any important missing the beach thoughts any increasing number of baby two tours of being found it in that. this came running into old was expected soon from the sea. the odds are
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that its housing has leaked out last night. amy state elites ignites for sunline to visit it on the seas save face. when most people are moving to coast. thanks to rising population and growing economy. most of these workers have started asking no coat today and to find that the beach itself so they can be approached to see when yeo drastic cut my knee is on the team. the sa said she sits is disgraceful nose to toes. he and his team mate's to say to saddam babies in just one day. i'm happy i held his baby turtle for bud. these tombs were
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destined to die when the opportunity to save their lives. i think it's great. is that don't appear to us the teams it shows us that they are fought on the atp is fifty beats a doubt that the suit in the form on a looping been new friends. she did i expect to see. show it to any table of oman. no wonder people in northern and central areas of your time dealing with extremely stormy weather meteorologist at the mighty explains. it's at the right thing and put a winter storm is this mass and the north and mid section of the year. we have some pictures to show you from the british isles. a major storm hit northern europe and their stay in scotland and seventy leaked to the thirty km barcelona the high winds overnight. at least two people were killed in britain when strong winds toppled
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vehicle is a tiny waves caused damage to buildings along the waterfront. this also caused traffic. he is disrupted air travel for killing tens of thousands without electricity the storm is also pretty frigid air from the north our second seen this on line shop there a lot of dawn to cause an indicator species there. the precipitation is a silver ring from the areas of the british isles the southern scandinavia and couldn't find an ordinary stuff the continent snowfall about thirty centimeters likely cost of about one hundred km mark. the traffic is going to be quite satisfactory. and that they're wet and windy conditions will be spent to the east and to stop taking the next twenty four hours that the sisters i'm going to be in a single and this is in the east to decrease and were so fully in thailand that snow showers final and then and that is a mid winter like conditions out there that cold of the midwinter in the list of the us and canada we have a strong low pressure system from mastering and really cold air
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from the arctic where single these are conditions for northern areas of entire book read that when casket up as much as one critic on this power and distant fifty centimeters of snow is likely and along to school from heavy snow showers from texas why should say oklahoma into the new england states into this company for the rain is possible from a texas into western europe that could cut the rose and car windows making quit writing very dangerous climbing conditions to watch out when you try it that misses them all the knitting into the east nap or skill but there's not a spot of the heavy snow showers. this year's may get as much as fifty centimeters of snow from friday into your saturday and another thing i want to mention easel i mean colder temperatures in many pies. this minus twenty one degrees in regina. weather forecasts to know on your friday minus twenty family in denver. it's the one and stay safe and easy have to go on the street to where several leaders of the quotes to
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avoid frostbite. an oklahoma minus eight final out anything that they can ours in the freezing with snow showers it into your sunday bella course that weston minus one in vancouver and seven am instead of sleeping on the way on your side and a ban on the flip side of the continent still in the warmer side twelve foot high in europe am currently in your city is experiencing the spot. the price it pays down looking pleasant for many years of the canon and the korean peninsula. the air quality remains high in fat especially back in the shanghai area today elliot and windy conditions foreign militants mostly main backers changer but the snow from the south and then adding the southern half of japan became quite trying a lot of sunshine once again and temperatures are going to be at the pcs knowing that killed seventeen because i am aching like sunshine and across the continent wealthy clay's in beijing and was found in the thirties the menu on this posting. and
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when i am noon. and. i know
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